Order Form for Regrinding

We will edge your tools as per your specifications and feasibility. To optimize service life we recommend that you have the tools coated. Upon inquiry you will receive a custom-fit offer. We’re offering regrinding and coating services for our customers, where, at a fractional amount of the original price, 100% cutting performance is regained.

Download Regrinding Prices

Solid carbide high-performance milling tools

Finishing + roughing, HPC/torus and ball-end, unequal partition, including face removal and re-toothing.

HSS-E milling tools

Finishing + roughing, including face removal and re-toothing.

Solid carbide high-performance drills

With and without internal cooling, length-independent, including face removal and re-toothing, standard grinds with protective chamfer.

Other tools and sizes upon request. Coatings are calculated separately.


Non-regrindable tools: (please mark choice with a cross)